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I'm almost 35 weeks pregnant. I've had diarrhoea for over two weeks and it’s not going anywhere.

I've ruled out infection with a stool sample and the doctors don’t seem concerned but I’m really struggling with it. The last doctor I spoke to suggested cutting out dairy for a bit but I am finding this difficult and wonder if it could be the problem! I usually have quite a lot of dairy in my diet (milk on cereal, cheese on pasta, tea with milk, etc.).

I just wondered if you had any advice?

You poor thing, that doesn’t sound much fun at all!

Your hormones change so much in pregnancy, having disruptions to your gut is common. I have one friend who was completely ‘cured’ of their lactose intolerance during pregnancy, and another who became really intolerant to dairy, so it can happen!

I would suggest keeping a food and symptom diary for a few days before cutting things out, especially whole food groups, as you want to make sure you are getting enough calcium and iodine, which come mainly from dairy for most of us.

You absolutely can cut out dairy safely, but if it’s something you really enjoy and use a lot of, it can make life a little more difficult, which is why doing the diary first is a good idea - it might highlight something totally different.

Taking a probiotic can also help - again because of the hormonal changes in the gut, having those extra good bacteria can be a good thing!

Katie, Tinto Expert