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My son is 11 months old and and I’m really struggling to make him eat. I’ve tried food that has different textures and flavours, but he mostly refuses to eat. He just uses his tongue to spit it out.

I’m really concerned about his growth because he doesn’t eat as he should. Also, I’m slightly worried because he hasn’t started walking on his own without support.

Babies generally eat well when they are feeling relaxed and not under pressure, can see others around them eating and enjoying food, and have control of what’s going on.

What are your mealtimes like with him? Do you eat together as a family? Is he having the chance to feed himself and explore the food? How are you keeping yourself relaxed and not stressed at mealtimes?

The first thing to check would be his growth chart - is he growing well, are there concerns about weight gain, is he having regular wet and dirty nappies, is he drinking milk well?

And with walking, that’s something to chat to your health visitor about - babies are all different and some take longer to walk than others.

Katie, Tinto Expert