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I'm struggling with the decision of whether or not to end my breastfeeding journey.

I return to work in three weeks and although my little one can have cow's milk now, I don't know whether I want to give up the feeds when he's with me. I feel like I have pressure from other people that are shocked I'm still going and are hinting at me to stop.

Part of me knows it could be easier with cow's milk but as a mother I enjoy the moments I have with my son during the night. We had a difficult start to feeding and I know going over 12 months is not the norm these days but why can't it be my norm? Why do I feel soo torn?

It can be your norm! Let it be. If you still enjoy feeding and your little one wants to breastfeed I don’t see any problem with that. It can be difficult to navigate what others want but stick with what you feel you want to do.

Jodi, Tinto Expert