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I recently found out from a friend that cold sores can potentially be very dangerous for young babies. I'm very worried about my baby (two months old) potentially catching one e.g. from a family member or friend who has one holding my baby or kissing my baby's face. Has anyone else had this concern? My friend also told me cold sores can be contagious before they actually become visible, which adds to the worry! Any info/other people's experiences about this would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hello, I suffer with cold sores so this has been one of my biggest anxieties.

A cold sore can be contagious from when the person feels it coming - normally a sore tingle to the lip. It’s part of the HVs herpes simplex virus. It stays dormant in the body and can pop up when the person is run down or stressed. I simply do not let anyone kiss my little boy except immediate family, I have been very open and strict that they know not to go near him when they have one.

I caught the virus as a baby from an auntie kissing me. If the person has one and they need to hold them, play with them they can buy patches from the shop! It acts as a barrier.

Babies don’t show symptoms like adults. They can get cold symptoms and/or a rash. It can make them quite poorly. Monitor your baby and if you’re worried call 111.