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Does anyone else find their highchair a nightmare to clean? I researched it for a while and tried to get one that had a footrest and padded seat, which were the things I read were good to look out for, but the straps are fabric and I can never seem to get them clean. It's so frustrating plus the clips have little grooves in so unless I take everything off and soak it, it never seems clean and I can't do this three times a day. Am I over thinking this?

Hi, definitely over thinking it.🙂 Embrace the mess. As long as you keep the table part the cleanest you should be fine. Sometimes I give ours the once-over in the shower. Hope that helps.

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I feel your pain! I didn’t get a padded one for this reason. I have an IKEA highchair, which is easy to wipe clean and can even be hosed clean outside if needs be!