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Hello! Has anyone else had wrist pain/got a sore wrist (i.e. the tendon by the thumb) since becoming a mum as a result of picking up baby, etc.? If so, is there anything I can do to ease the pain/avoid it getting worse?

Thank you in advance!

Hi! Yes I got this from breastfeeding a lot. Ended up with wrist support for carpal tunnel for a little bit. I found deep heat helped. Just massaged it into my wrists before bed.

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Hi! Did you have many problems with carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy? Because of all the swelling and increased blood flow during pregnancy, it is common for some compression of the wrist to occur, which can lead to carpal tunnel symptoms like pain, tingling, numbness in the wrist or parts of the hand.

If you didn’t have those symptoms previously, chances are you’re just experiencing what we call a tendinitis of one of the tendons in your wrist. Best way to resolve this is to wear a wrist splint that minimizes your motion in the wrist for a period of time until it has a chance to calm down. You can also ice the area for five to 10 minutes periodically to reduce the swelling. Once it’s calmed down, you can do wrist strengthening exercises with a stretchy hand to reduce your chances of it recurring!

(If you decide to try a wrist brace, my personal favorite is the Mueller green brace on Amazon.)