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My little boy has started to rock back and forth on all fours in his cot and do like a flapping of his arms and legs when on his tummy. When he is playing he doesn't want to be sat up at all at the moment and slides himself down onto his tummy. I'm told these are signs of trying to crawl. I'm giving him plenty of time on his playmat during the days to practise, but he just does the flapping and then shrieks if he can't get to a toy he wants. Is there anything more I can do to help him?

Totally normal for them to get frustrated when they’re trying to do something but haven’t quite figured it out yet! You can use a towel rolled up or if you have a toy shaped like a tube under his belly - it basically props up his torso so his legs and arms and practice the crawling motion with less resistance. You can also just hold him with your hand (belly in palm) so he’s hovering over the ground and then with your other hand help facilitate the alternating motion of crawling.

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