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I woke up and noticed a light amount of blood in my wee, just a line of very light blood on the tissue.

I suffer from warts and got three frozen off last week so I am unsure if it's from the warts or not. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant and never noticed blood in my urine before. The left side off my lower stomach is slightly uncomfortable, like very light cramps only on one side, and I am pretty sure I can still feel baby move.

It can be really common to notice a little bit of blood when you wee, but it’s always a good idea to get checked by your doctor or midwife just in case there is something that needs treating, like a urinary tract infection.

Do you have your midwife's contact details? They should be able to arrange for you to bring in a urine sample and get it tested fairly quickly.

I hope you’re doing well and not panicking, hope this helps a little.

Pregnant mum of 2

First of all I have to ask you to please never use an at-home baby monitor at times when you are worried about movements or bleeding or anything else. They can be falsely reassuring and the best thing to do is go into hospital. "Checking in" on baby can be a nice thing for you to be able to do but please don't use it if you're concerned about something. Please call your unit instead as you might need longer monitoring.

There's a couple of reasons that you might have some bleeding, as you said you had some warts that might be the cause. It's possible to get bleeding with a urine infection (which may also explain the cramps). It might be coming from the vagina instead, and so they'd need to rule these things out.

If you haven't already, give your hospital a call, explain what happened overnight and they'll invite you in for a check over of you and baby this morning. I'm sure it's nothing serious (sometimes it's urine infection or you can get a bit of bleeding after sex or if you have thrush) but it's best to check it out.