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Does anyone feeling very lonely being a stay-at-home mum? I'm currently only relying on my husband's income so I have to be careful with my spending and I can't really go out socialising.

I'm new to this country so I don't have any friends. My relationship with my husband is fine but we don't talk much during the days because he is working, and he's so tired so he sleeps early.

Recently, I have been feeling a lot more lonely and I think I shouldn't be feeling like this. I have a nice place to live, a very cute baby. But even when I talk to my husband's family, I still feel lonely. I have been working out at home, keeping myself busy. It doesn't help.

The worse thing is I'm starting to think about wishing to chat to other men on dating sites but I have no desire to break my marriage.

Please any advice would be much appreciated. I don't know what to do and I have been feeling guilty and upset for a while now.

Yes, you are not alone. It doesn’t make you any less grateful for what you have. A lot of mums are lonely and it’s super sad! I’ve started getting into books as it’s like adult conversation in a book.

I've also taken to blogging and social media.

Are there any mum and baby groups near? My church holds cheap ones!