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My two week old is taking his milk no problem but has struggled to have a bowel movement for almost three days. I contacted the nurse and was told to give boiled cold water and that she will call back but she hasn't. He’s screaming with pain in between his naps. Has anyone else experienced this and what should be done?

Sorry to hear you’re struggling with this! Some tips that worked for my babe:

- Gentle belly massage in clockwise circles

- Doing little bicycle motion kicks with his legs or holding his legs up in a knees-to-chest fashion while holding his feet and pulsing gently like tiny ab crunches

- The Windi Gas Tube by FridaBaby (can order off Amazon). This helps not only get gas out but you can do gentle circular motions with it which help relax the pelvic floor muscles and encourage pooping.

But I would still communicate with your GP to make sure they don’t want you modifying anything else.

Hang in there mama, I know how you feel. Keep pushing the fluids (mainly milk) with him too.

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