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Interview tips! I have an interview today and I’m super nervous. It has been ages since I spoke formally with someone and I feel my brain is all mummed out. Plus I had about three hours broken sleep last night - glad it is over Zoom!

Be kind to yourself and if it's been a while since you did an interview plan for the 'talk a bit more about yourself' because they always mean actually talk about your role. It can be nice to plan some sort of chronogram of when you started to work with it up to today and some juicy things in the middle like a nice project focusing on 'X' here another on 'Y' there...

For very busy mums it's always hard to answer but you can think of it earlier: what's your hobby, what do you do in your free time because we don't have any! But it's nice to plan so they see you have a nice work-life balance.

If that's your case, I would personally avoid the baby or maternity leave information, I know that shouldn't be a blocker by law but I prefer to not go to deep into my personal life at this stage, but it might be can be nice to think of it just in case some questions may touch this bit.

Wishing you all the good luck.