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My little boy had a sickness bug over the weekend. He has been better for a couple of days and now has bad separation anxiety. This happened previously when he had a bad cold and after a couple of nights settled on his own again.

But this time he will only sleep on my chest and wakes every 30 minutess and checks I’m still there. He also wakes soon as I move him.

Any tips to help reduce his anxiety please? (And increase my sleep!)

We've been through this recently. It was so hard but it does pass... even though it feels like an eternity when you're sleep deprived.

I let my little one sleep on me and let him in our bed as I exclusively breastfeed and it was the only way to settle him and get some sleep myself.

Once he was back to himself 100% I did the usual bedtime feed then if he woke up shortly after my partner would go help to settle and put him down and it did work... although it took a bit of time.