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I'm 19 weeks pregnant with unidentical twins.

Is it normal to experience pressure? I also have quite a large fibroid which doesn't help plus I'm staring to suffer with SPD. All of these are unfortunately making my anxiety worse, and I don't think I'll reach 30 weeks let alone 36.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation?

Congratulations on your twin pregnancy! It is normal to expect pressure, your body has increased in weight, your uterus is expanding to crazy amounts it normally is! Plus you have a huge amount of extra blood and water to hold! (That’s without the two babies also taking over your space).

Pelvic girdle pain can give you that pressure also, like your pelvic floor is going to buckle in at any time.

Please speak to your midwife, you can ask for a physio referral.

Pregnant mum

Congrats on your twins. I have 13 week identical twins girls. I had a lot of fluid retention with the girls but I would check with your midwife.

So many people made me anxious during pregnancy but the doctors will look after you - they eased a lot of my worries.

Just look after yourself as best you can. I had mine at 33 weeks - I had 36 set in my mind so panicked when they came early but they are absolutely fine.

I too am expecting twins. I'm currently 31+5.

A few weeks ago I experienced pressure, but it did go after around a week. It was uncomfortable, and worrying, but it did go by itself. I think sometimes it can be the position one of the babies are in.

I have also suffered with Pelvic Girdle Pain, but this has surprisingly got a bit more bearable as the weeks have gone on (maybe I've got used to it).

Try and relax, which is easier said than done, and speak to your midwife/consultant if you feel like something isn't quite right.

Good luck with your twins.