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My baby just turned one this month and has been exclusively breastfed as he wouldn't take milk any other way, plus he has a milk allergy so we knew my milk was the best thing to carry on with.

I just want to ask when did your little one stop breastfeeding? When I'm at work he will feed as soon as I come home after 6pm, at bedtime, and over night.

I breastfed my youngest for nearly two years. I used to go to work and come home and feed him then he would settle and go to bed. I found that the baby will slowly want less and less as they get older.

Mum of 2

I have a baby just like yours but nine months. He is not really eating solids either (I am trying everything but he is not interested). My first baby was the same with regards to breastfeeding and I don't think yours is ready to give up on breast milk for a while.