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Mum of 1

Hi, I am a new mum to my daughter who will be 10 months next week. I’m currently feeding her solids for every meal which she loves. However she’s been dealing with really bad constipation for nearly two months now. I have informed my doctor however they just told me to give her plenty of fluids and water based fruits and veg and to massage her belly, which I have been doing. However I do believe she is scared to open her bowels because of the pain. I just wanted to know if babies normally go through constipation as long as she has been? Also what else could I do to help her from being in pain? Thank you.

Hi, so sorry to hear that your little one is suffering with constipation. That’s a really horrible one for her and for you to watch her struggle with.

It does happen a lot when you start weaning, as it can take time for the digestive system to adapt.

It sounds like you’ve been doing lots of support her already. Some foods I would always suggest, if you haven’t already tried, are prunes, plums, pears, kiwi fruit - all great for getting things moving. Getting a mix of whole grain and plain carbs can help too. And then holding back on bananas and too much rice.

You could try a baby probiotic, as some of these are thought to help with constipation.

If you’re doing all these things and still not seeing improvement then you can absolutely go back to the GP or health visitor again.

Katie, Tinto Expert