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My baby is seven months old and we have been trying solids for a month now.

He initially started drinking less and less of his fourth bottle until he was only taking around 60ml of it. The last week or so he has started taking more of it again and is up to 130ml.

He's having breakfast and lunch now so expected milk to drop but it hasn't really. Am I doing something wrong?

Definitely not doing anything wrong, lovely! My little one didn't really drop much milk to start with and they may be having a little growth spurt so feeding more! Milk is still more important than food but as long as they aren't gaining loads of weight I'd just stick with what you are doing!

My little boy automatically started dropping milk but it wasn't until about eight/nine months and we starting weaning around five and a half months.

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Some babies still need a lot of milk when transitioning to solids. Maybe try putting him onto solids for dinner as well - he might be still drinking a lot of milk because he's still hungry.

How many bottles of milk is he having at night? I was told by my health visitor to reduce the amount of milk he was drinking at night to increase the solids during the day.