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Mum of 2

My eight month old little girl cries every time she goes in her car seat and pushchair,. It will last about five to 10 minutes and that’s it. She tries lifting herself out of it and screams to the point where she goes red in the face. I’ve tried everything but it’s been like this for about five months and is now stopping us going out as a family. And I don't know what to do to help her have a more enjoyable time or feel more settled. If you can help or have any advice it would be gladly appreciated.

My eight month old girl is exactly the same, she doesn't even like to lie down when we change her clothes or nappy and screams all the time.

The way we overcome this is if we distract her before we put her down so she's more focused on the shiny new toy and doesn't realise she's been put down. We'll give her her dummy, a biscuit or a even a piece of paper lol and it seems to help for the time being.

I think it's just an eight month old thing.

Mum of 2