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My eight month old hates his nose being wiped. I am so gentle with it and use a soft muslin. I know it’s hard for them to understand and it may be a little sore. But it’s worse when it dries! Any tips on this? He literally sobs!

Hi! Aw, bless him. They do hate their noses being wiped don’t they!!!

So, with my little girl, I have been wiping her nose in front of the mirror. I talk to her about what I am doing with simple language. I wipe my nose (to role model) and then I wipe hers. She seems to be happier now. There will of course be times when she won’t be but it has helped.

I think a soft muslin is a great idea! I use water wipes when it’s dried and then dab dry quickly with a muslin or a nice soft bib and I just go through millions of bibs! 🤣

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