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Mum of 1

My little one is just about to turn nine months! I think she could very well be going through a leap but hard to say as she has always been a bit ahead of the milestones as she already started walking at eight months etc. But as of recently she is giving cues for milk (we are still breastfeeding), i.e. she rubs my jumper, pulls at it, licking her lips, making her noises when she knows milk is coming and then when I pick her up just about to put her on she fights it and wants to get down. This happens so many times a day until finally I feel like she must be getting really frustrated as if I’ve not been offering it to her and will finally take it and about pulls my nipple off with the force she is sucking!

Is this a sign she is coming away from the boob and maybe do I try to pump and give it her in a bottle? We are also doing drinking from an open cup rather than a sippy cup so havnt tried just leaving a drink out for her. She has drinks offered to her through all her meals and snacks though so I don’t think it’s that she’s too thirsty all the time. Wondering if it’s a comfort thing because of the leap?

We’re also having trouble with getting her to sleep. She’s always been boobed to sleep and worked like a dream but recently she’s started to fight it and it takes hours to get her to settle and sleep, she must be tired because she often is fighting and missing naps in the day too. At a bit of a loss of ideas of how to help her.

Thank you in advance for any help or advice!

Hi, I might not be much help but I just wanted to say I’m pretty sure this is totally normal!! My son went through the same stage, almost like a boob strike 🤣, really fussy, leap, teething, etc. If you’re happy to keep boobing then keep going! I don’t think there’s a need to begin pumping unless you really want to, also having food and snacks or whatever will change how much milk they want to take in too. She might want more comfort than actual feeds which is why she’s wanting it but then wanting to go away again because she doesn’t actually want to be fed?

Sleep has been a nightmare for us since the four month sleep regression but I find during leaps and teething and growth spurts and learning new skills, etc. his sleep changes massively and it’s 10x harder to settle him. We just let him play until he tires himself out. We went through a stage of sleeping like 10pm-2pm ish then getting up and playing until like 5 or 6am then back to bed for a bit. Think it’s just one of those things you work out what works for you. I know a lot of people would rather not get up in the middle of the night but for us that was the best way to tire him out. 🤣