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Hey loves, how can I get my nine month old to eat a bit more during the day? I know food before one is just for fun, but it would help me a lot if she maybe wanted to sit and eat a lunch for example rather than pick throughout the day.

I set a designated routine for meal times and would just set my son in his high chair with the finger food and he’d play, pick, eat whatever he wanted to during that time and then we’d clean up. It was up to him how much he ate but then he started to get the gist of the routine and recognized 'if I don’t eat some of this now it will be a bit before I get to try it again' (at least I think that’s what was going through his mind haha). Anyway, as he got older and I needed to increase his intake for weight gain because he’s a tiny lil guy, I would follow up that self-feeding time with a little bit of puréed food that I would spoon feed him just to make sure he got enough. It has worked for us but every kid has their differences. Hope this idea helps though!

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