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My 15 month old is a very fussy eater! She depends on breast milk so much and does not eat full meals!

She will have two spoons per meal at most but then not eat much after that! She snacks on fruits and baby snacks but ALWAYS wants breast milk and still wakes up for night feeds!!!

I am extremely drained and just need her to stop with the breastmilk *sigh*. Any tips?

It sounds like you have a couple of different challenges at the minute- feeling comfortable with how much food is eaten by your daughter at mealtimes, waking at night for milk, and whether to continue breastfeeding at all.

Breast milk is still providing lots of important nutrition for your little one, and you can work on improving mealtimes without stopping breastfeeding completely, if that works for you. You can also look to reduce night feeds, whilst still breastfeeding too.

I’m still breastfeeding my two year old, and at around 12-15 months, we moved from feeding-on-demand to having more boundaries around feeding, only having breast milk on waking and at night as part of bedtime routine.

How do you feel about stopping breastfeeding completely? I can completely relate to feeling drained. Are you getting some time for yourself to relax and get your energy back?

With meals, the first thing is to take away is your expectations of how much food your daughter will eat. It’s impossible for us to know how hungry they are and what they need at each meal. Instead you can focus on creating positive and relaxed mealtimes that have no pressure to eat - if they don’t feel under pressure to eat, it can help them to eat more.

Katie, Tinto Expert