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What age is normal to stop having morning and bedtime bottles?

Having milk before bed and in the morning is really common throughout childhood, but after the age of 12 months, trying to move to a cup rather than the bottle can help when thinking about keeping teeth healthy.

I have a two year old who will have milk of some sort most evenings before going upstairs to bed. Sometimes he’s breastfed, sometimes a cup of milk, sometimes none - it’s part of our bedtime routine. I know much older children who have a cup of milk before bed too.

Same with the morning - everyone’s different as to when it stops, but it can form part of breakfast rather than being milk on its own.

Things I would think of are: what works for you guys and your routine, does it affect their appetite for meals, does it have the potential to affect oral health, what do you have capacity to change right now.

Katie, Tinto Expert