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My 11 month old goes to nursery for the first time next week. Any tips on how to handle routine change and how to make it easier for them?

I have a feeling I’ll be crying more than she will. 😅

My little boy went to nursery at nine months and, being a lockdown baby, I was so worried he would hate it but he loved it! Of course all little ones are different, but I would say try and make it as happy an experience as possible. I bought him a new bag and he had special nursery clothes so he felt a bit special! Not gonna lie however much they try to stick to his sleeping routine it doesn't always go to plan but they are pretty good!


The nursery should really try their best with her routine so they shouldn't force any new routine on your little one. And I'm not sure if you're putting her in for a few days or a few hours but she will be super happy to see you when you get back and for the first couple of days will maybe be unsettled but thats because of the change, but don't be hard on your self. And every mother I think ends up crying their eyes out! It doesn't matter if it's the first day or third day! It will get easier and it's a benefit for your little one. So maybe do everything as you would do. If you know the nursery routine, try to do similar at home. But yes the nursery should try to work as hard as possible to meet your requirements. I know not all of them are going to be met due to other children but everything will fall into their place.