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My baby's nearly eight months and I'm struggling to give her solids. I started sitting her on me and she eats fine there. But what can I do to get her to sit in her chair and eat?

Hello. I'm also starting solids with my seven month old baby.

We were away from our house for the last four months (for work not for holidays 😓) so we don't have a high chair. This made us find different ways to start and I hope she will like the chair when we get back home next week.

So, we've tried in the stroller with the back straight up. We've tried on an armchair with the breastfeeding pillow around her legs to make like a table in front of her. And of course we've tried having her on my lap. The last one made me worry a lot - not being able to see her face well if she's choking, if she likes the food, etc. We're trying baby led weaning.

So our most successful lunches were on the armchair, with me sitting on a chair in front of her and eating my own plate of food. Watching me eating (with hands, with a spoon, whatever she is supposed to be doing) makes her very enthusiastic and she grabs her food and eat it. 😁

There is also a website that helped me with their cute videos on Pinterest. Let me find it: solidstarts.com

What I'm trying to say is that it shouldn't matter where the baby sits. Making sure it's safe first and then making it fun and educational will help you both have better eating habits.