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How do people keep their houses so clean with a baby?

My little one is seven months old and I'm really struggling. I shouldn't be as he has a two hour nap in the morning, but his bedroom is right by the bathroom and our bedroom is opposite his room.

I tend to clean whilst my little one is playing. She joins in with putting her toys away, and anything else I do in stages. For example the bathroom, I'll spray it down with bathroom cleaner and then come back once I know my little one is otherwise occupied and wipe it down or wash off the spray. She enjoys watching me do the hoover and mopping the floor.

In my opinion, it's good to get your little one used to seeing you do chores early so they understand these things need to be done, and don't shy away from handing little one a tissue or wet cloth to let them help you in their own way.

Mum of 1

My little girl is eight months and I usually do stuff while she is asleep. I have the same problem with where her room is. Have you tried white noise? We usually use white noise during nap time and while I’m tidying she doesn’t stir or anything and we shut her bedroom door and just use the monitor.

Don't be too hard on yourself, you will get into a rhythm of cleaning when it's right for you. My house is only just getting in order and my little one is 12 months.