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Is there much of a difference between colic and reflux? Does it always cause pain? My baby goes sick but doesn’t seem one bit bothered at all!

Hi! Colic is long periods of unexplained crying, when we generally can’t find the reason, and usually happens later in the day/evening.

Reflux is when they bring up milk or is sick after feeding - sometimes they don’t really seem bothered by it, and this is normal.

My little boy had this kind of reflux - he was sick a couple of times after most feeds, sometimes up to 20 mins later. But was never bothered, and didn’t cry. He just wasn’t unsettled by it.

Some reflux does cause pain for babies, and they look and sound in discomfort.

If it’s happening a lot and you feel it’s affecting their growth, then it’s worth having a chat with the health visitor or doctor, just to rule out any underlying issues.

Katie, Tinto Expert