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Should I stop breastfeeding because my baby has thrush? I'm getting mixed messages on being able to use pumped milk or not instead?

I have been pondering stopping breastfeeding as my daughter does not have deep latch and I am currently on a milk, soy and wheat free diet, which is very hard and stresses me out at times.

If I did give formula whilst treating thrush, will my milk supply go and how can I control engorged breasts?

Hi, poor bubba and poor you… engorged breasts and thrush can be so painful! You need to be careful you don’t get mastitis. I suffered with thrush and mastitis.

You can carry on breastfeeding though thrush. Feeding more regularly will help with engorged breasts. Have you seen your GP? You will need to see GP and both of you get treated at the same time!

With your engorged breasts, try and massage out any lumps under hot water and while feeding. Using warm water or a hot compress will encourage your let down. You can use cold packs to relieve pain too.

I hope you and your little one feel better soon.

Pregnant mum of 3