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Any mums gone through the eight to 10 month sleep regression. He's eight months and five days and the past couple of nights been a nightmare! We struggle to get him down to sleep and then he will wake every one to two hours.

Any tips on staying sane? 😴 I feel like I have a newborn again!

Yes! Oh gosh, my heart goes out to you right now, love. We went through some similar things with our son around that age and we were able to identify it as a few different things:

1. He was getting more teeth in. When they’re laying down, this is when the gums can start to throb. So our son was waking crying a ton in the middle of the night. Our pediatrician advised us to give him Motrin at bedtime for a few nights to see how he did, and it helped tremendously!

2. Whenever babies are going through new milestones (for example learning to sit, crawling, walking, etc) they can go through sleep regressions because their neurological system is just on overload wanting to master their new skill! So If your baby is starting to try sitting on his own or pull to stand or anything new, it could be a sleep regression from that. Best thing to do - help him work on that new task during the days so it fatigues him and makes him feel accomplished with his new task.

3. Separation anxiety! We’d already had him in his own room at three months but we moved to a new house when he was almost seven months, which I think triggered it. He would wake at night and seem scared - would only go back to sleep if I came in and consoled him for a bit even though he would previously self soothe back to sleep. The best thing that helped with this was playing a lot of games to teach object permanence during the day (peek a boo for example). This helps them understand that just because mom and dad aren’t in the room doesn’t mean they’re gone forever.

I hope some of these tips might help you in your case! It can be some tricky trial and error figuring things out.

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