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Hi! I’ve recently just found out I’m pregnant again eight months after having my first child. I was as wondering if anyone on here has any insight on management of two babies at once?

I’m feeling so excited over this pregnancy and cannot wait for every stage and to meet my new bundle of joy. I'm just more so anxious about sharing my daughter. I’ve enjoyed revolving so much love and care around her and I fear having a new baby she may feel not as loved or neglected by me. I want all my children to know I love them with my all and more and never question I love one more than another. May just be anxiety and hormones...

Congratulations! I got pregnant with my second nine months after giving birth to my first! I have two boys, 18 months apart. It has been so much fun having them close together. They are little buddies now.

So firstly, I hear you! It is so normal to have these feelings of anxiety when expecting a second. Also, with your hormones on top!

When I first found out I was pregnant with my second, I was so worried too and worried how could I love another as much as I love my first. It is amazing how much love you have to give. They will love having a new sibling too! Their new playmate!

There are ways you can prepare her closer to the time and I am happy to support you through this time. You can read books to her about mummy having a baby in her tummy and closer to the time about having a new sibling. You can encourage their bond by talking to your new baby with them. Read and sing to your baby together.

Also, speak to your partner about how you feel. So, when baby comes he can support you to continue having some 1:1 time with your little girl. I always made sure I put my little boy to bed - story time and cuddles were a very special time.

It is definitely a juggle at times but It’s a lot of fun. I now have a little girl (10 months old). So, three under six. It’s fun but I am definitely a very sleep deprived mama! 🤣😴"

How are you feeling? You may feel more tired this time round as you care for your little one. Try and take time to rest… easier said than done with a little one. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, reach out to your support network too.

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