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Advice please. My daughter is six months old. She has always struggled with being left with other people but in the last two weeks it seems as if she is struggling being around other people (i.e. grandparents) when I am there and even sitting next to them. It's really hard as I can't go anywhere and see anyone without her having a complete meltdown. It's tiring and I can't even have a break.

I hear you. It’s so hard and so upsetting when they are so upset. It does sound like your little one is going through a little bit of separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety is very common and can start anytime from around six months. It is very natural for babies and toddlers to cry out for their main caregivers. This shows that you have both developed a very close bond.

At this age they are becoming more aware of their environment.

If your little one is really distressed over your separation and this goes on for a long period of time, I would talk to your health visitor.

Here are a few ideas to support your baby through these feelings of anxiety.

- You can leave your baby with someone really familiar to them for very short periods at a time. So with the grandparents, go and make a cup of tea. Pop back, give them a cuddle and then go out again. In time they will learn that mummy will go and come back. You can gradually work towards leaving them for longer periods or in less familiar environments. Just take little steps.

- Give them something familiar to them to reassure them, like a comforter, a special blanket, or a teddy.

- Babies/toddlers will always sense your anxiety or tension. So no matter how you are feeling try and say a happy and confident goodbye to try and make it a positive goodbye. I think it is always important to be honest and say goodbye to build trust.

-Play lots of peekaboo games too!

- Cuddles with grandparents when your baby is well rested and has been fed.

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Hi, it is a phase. My little one would even cry with his Grandad - who is his favourite person. A few days later a tooth popped out. I found teething made him very very emotional. Also it is normal for them to get separation anxiety at this stage. Playing games like peeka boo help!