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My exclusively-breastfed seven month old is teething (third tooth) and has a bunged up nose as well, as he's getting over a cold. He's only feeding for two or three minutes at a time lately, and far more often. He's always been a speedy feeder, but this is even quicker.

He's also on three meals a day now, and isn't that interested in food either. When he's awake he is happy and content, and VERY active (he's a wriggler!). Is this short and often feeding normal when they're ill/teething, and when should I worry if it continues? He's producing wet nappies and pooing every three-ish days.

Your child’s nose is blocked so feeding will be uncomfortable and even a bit difficult for him so the shorter feeds are to be expected, there’s something you can buy which helps you to clear the child’s nose using a tube and sticking out the mucus, offering relief to the child.

When ill your appetite is normally the first to go so it's no surprise he isn’t eating as much. Try to just give him fluids and some water where possible. If his wee nappies decrease that’s when I would seek medical advice as it may mean he is dehydrated.