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My baby is four and a half months and showing a lot of signs that he wants to have actual food. He tries to grab our food whenever we are eating and gets really frustrated when he can’t get it, he constantly stares while we are eating and if he does manage to grab something off my plate it goes right in the mouth. I often try to grab it back of him but he has sometimes managed to get food in his mouth and it’s a mission to get back.

I know that some people wean at this age and I’ve been advised by my health visitor not to. But he’s always so eager for food I’m not sure what to do.

It does sound like your little boy is very keen. The recommended time to start weaning is six months but some do start earlier, around four months.

There are a few things to look out for to see if your baby is ready…

Can your baby sit up unaided and hold their head up and steady?

Has their tongue reflex lessened? When your baby is ready they will swallow more than spit out.

Have they developed hand-eye coordination?

Your baby may be reaching some different milestones around this age too. Sounds like you have noticed some of these taking place. I would just check that these are happening alongside the signs of readiness too.

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