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I've been 'training' my little one (now eight months) to drink from an open cup for about three months and from a free-flow beaker for about a fortnight... And he still doesn't get it! Never really swallows, always spits out the water into his bib or gargles with it instead. Treats the idea of a non-teated bottle/cup as something new each time! I've both held it up to him and let him hold each cup etc and it just doesn't work. Does anyone have any tips/advice on how to help him actually swallow the liquid? Should I try with formula milk instead?! Thank you!

My son just didn’t do well with a sippy cup or real cup until closer to 12 months. I used a sippy cup that had the interchangeable nipple or sippy cup spout options. He just seemed to need that nipple transition before he could lock down the cup. Sometimes I think they’re just not ready… until they suddenly wake up one day and they are. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

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