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Pregnant mum of 2

Rainy day activities! Any indoor rainy day activity recommendations please?! Thanks in advance!

We like den building and then having a picnic in our den. My daughter loves a spa day, where we use the foot spa, give each other hand massages and do each others make up. Movie and popcorn if some chill time is needed!

Within reason do anything they want to do. I spent way to long trying to organise activities for my daughter to be bored in less than five minutes, so now try to take her lead.

Pregnant mum of 3

Hi! Here are some rainy day ideas for you! ❤️

1. Playdough. You could make homemade spiced play dough and use lots of things you would find on an autumn nature walk! Or you could make pumpkins out of playdough with googlet eyes, sticks, pipecleaners... anything you can find around the house!

2. Construction bin. You can use cereals like Shreddies, oats, Shredded Wheat and Cheerios then introduce toy diggers, dumpers, etc. Be prepared for a bit of mess! My boys love this activity!

3. Frozen oranges and lemons sensory bin with mini jugs, scoops and a little tea set. Get them to make some flavoured tea for you. You can get them to freeze the slices of fruit. Put some small slices into ice cubes. You can use a bit of orange food colouring too!

4. Make some autumn art. This could be finger painting an autumn tree, leaf rubbing, apple prints (you can make pumpkin faces), an autumn wreath with things you've collected on a walk, or spider web salt paintings with water colours.

5. Halloween baking. You can make skeleton biscuits, cupcakes or a halloween gingerbread house.

6. Build an indoor fort with cardboard boxes and have a picnic inside it!

Hope this helps! Have fun! 💕

Hi! We loved cornstarch in this house. Mix with water and pop some plastic animals in there. Makes it hard to get them out. 😊