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My daughter has just turned one. I have been trying to introduce her to full fat cows milk but she is not keen at all. I’ve also tried the follow-on toddler milk but she doesn’t like that much either.

Are there any suggestions as to what might help? Am I able to continue using the six to 12 months milk? Or are there any other tips I can try?

Oh I had the exact same with my son - he wasn’t that interested to start with either.

You don’t need to switch immediately if she’s happy as she is. And then gradually introduce cow's milk over time to help her get used to it. It does have a really different taste and temperature to formula, so it’s quite common for it to not be well received straight away!

Something that can work well is to offer it at a new time of day, alongside a snack, in a different cup, with a straw - making it seem ‘different’ to the formula. It can still take time, but keep offering small amounts regularly, with no pressure.

Katie, Tinto Expert