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Weaning help! I'm overwhelmed and worried about weaning. I struggled with my daughter and over-panicked with choking and I’m doing the same this time round… I know the difference between choking and gagging but I still get worried!

Hi, I was the same when I started! Just start small. I do a mixture of purée and baby led. Only when my little one was ready did I give him hand-held food.

The purée is a great way to start, just plain vegetables once a day. I followed Ella's Kitchen for all recipes and planners!

Then I started with the melty crisps, as they melt super easy so they can’t choke.

As for hand-held veg as long as you can squeeze/smush it easily with your fingers then it is good for them.

It is super scary when the gag! But it is completely normal as the gag reflex is further forward than ours. As long as little one is coughing, is making a noise and still has colour in their cheeks, it is normal. If it is silent and you feel they can’t breathe, then that’s choking.

It may be worth going to a first aid course to put your mind at ease maybe?