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Mum of 1

Wondering if anyone else’s little one has taken a while for their systems to get used to food after starting weaning?

My boy will be seven months old on Friday and although we’re mostly on purées with some finger food, he’s not going to the toilet as much (was never an everyday baby but normally every two to three days like clockwork) but now we’re on day five. I know it’s normal but even with high-in-fibre fruit and veg every few days, we have nothing. He also won’t take water.

I do have lactulose from the GP but don’t really want to become reliant on it.

Has anyone else gone through this, really just looking for reassurance that I’m not messing something up!

Hi, my little one did this to start! Then he had super hard pebbles. He’s more regular now but I find I need to give him some good fruit in the day to keep him regular.

Try some purée prunes! They were a god send and still are! I also let me little one have a few sips of orange juice or some oranges. Another one my Nan used to say (good old nana) was to eat a kiwi!

The lactolose didn’t really work for him as it took too long.

Also lots of warm baths, tummy massage and feet massage encourage the bowels to move!