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For the past few nights my two month old has been asleep but crying and it’s hard to wake him up. He usually wakes up mid nappy change but his crying is hysterical.

Has anyone else experienced this? He calms down when I feed him and we are up again in another hour feeding. I’ve been assured this is ‘normal’ and he’s developing but it would be good to hear from other mums too about how they handled it.

Yes this has happened to us too. My son would be fast asleep then just start crying in his sleep. It was really upsetting at first. We couldn’t wake him and I could only calm him down with boob. It started after his first inoculations and it was like he was having a nightmare.

Thankfully it doesn’t happen often now and he’s almost five months old. Unfortunately it’s just something you need to ride out. Stay strong and lots of kisses and cuddles for your little man.