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How can I get my three year old out of nappies at a bedtime? He doesn't wear them through the day and uses the toilet before bed.

Firstly, there is absolutely no hurry. Don’t feel any pressure to do it. Children can be dry at night anytime between three and five, but some take longer.

Any of the following could indicate that your little one is ready to take off nappies at night:

- Dry at night or occasionally slightly wet

- Asking to take off nappies at night

- Taking off nappy themselves in the night

- Waking in the night to tell you they need to go for a wee

These are all signs of readiness.

If you feel she is ready, prepare yourself first:

Try to encourage last drink at supper

- Do you have a toilet near by or a potty that they can go to if they need to go? I put a potty in my son's bedroom on a little mat, so he could access it easily if he needed to go. I always made sure there were no toys/books in the way.

- Put waterproof sheets down/mattress protector. You can put the waterproof mats down too. Anything to make bed changes easier in the middle of the night!

- Put a nightlight on, so they can find their way to potty if they need it.

- Encourage a last wee before bed. You are already doing this, so they are well prepared! Maybe even a last one after story.

- You can have sheets and spare PJs ready to go on stand by for first couple of nights.

They are all so different. My first son struggled with no nappy at bedtime and was nearly four by the time he had dry nights. My middle son, took his nappy off age three and has never had a wet night, is now aged four. 🤞

Some parents put their child on the potty in the night before they go to sleep. Sometimes, this can encourage weeing in their sleep. So, if you decide to do this, make sure they are awake and walk to the potty to have their wee or even have a little chat with them, so they are awake. They may not want to go as in deep sleep. So, don’t worry.

Always praise for dry nights but don’t make a fuss over wet nights. Let them know it is okay to have accidents, stay calm and don’t give it too much attention.

If you start and they are consistently wetting the bed, maybe put a nappy on again and try again in a couple of months. Honestly, there is no rush, do it when they are ready and it will be less stressful for you and for them.

Good luck, you’ve got this. 💕🍀

Pregnant mum of 3