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Since my little one had Bronchiolitis at five months old (he is now two and a half) he has suffered with a cough. It sounds like he has mucus on his chest and he coughs to clear it.

I have been the doctor's but they always say we have to go for a Covid test (even though this is constant and isn’t new) and it always comes back negative.

Anyway, should I fight my corner and ask to be seen again for more investigations into it instead of always been told there’s nothing there and it will clear?

I am sorry to hear your little one has suffered with a chesty cough for so long. I would say if he has not been seen due to Covid, I would push him to get seen. Even if it is clear, it might put your mind at rest. Like you said it has been a long time, so it's maybe just worth a check up.

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Gosh any minute now... it will happen, but you have ALL my sympathy. My first was born at 42+1 day - longest wait ever.

I was encouraged to have an induction but respectfully declined. You need to have a look and know your rights under the NICE guidelines, and feel comfortable with your decision. I had a membrane sweep, tried acupuncture, clary sage massage - all the things. I bounced on a north ball for eight hours then eventually went into spontaneous labour.