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I’m looking for some advice on what should I do with my pregnancy which is overdue (41 weeks) and I am not willing to accept any induction labour or any other practices offered by hospital.

I’m thinking to go for C-section but I’m not sure if this its something that I can change with the hospital, considering that I chose naturally in the first place. Some advice would be helpful, thanks.

I totally understand your anxieties. I didn’t want to be induced either. I went two weeks over due date with all three of mine and no inductions. So, I have my fingers crossed for you!!

I would give your midwife a call tomorrow and chat it over with her. Tell her how you feel. I am sure you can still opt for a C-section. This was definitely on my mind too.

Have you got an induction date booked yet? Also, have you had any sweeps? That might get things moving. Not always successful but you never know and maybe worth a try. I had two and went into labour the day after my second sweep.

Pregnant mum of 3