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My two year old has just got chicken pox, does any one have any advice that helps them with the itching, please?

This is old-school, but oatmeal has 'colloid' properties (anti-itch). Take an old sock and fill it with oatmeal, then tie a knot in the open end of the sock. You can draw a bath and swish the oatmeal sock in the water (squeeze it a few times) until the water gets a bit murky and it feels 'silky'. Then you can put your child in to play. It should help relieve the itching for a while.

(The purpose of the sock is to prevent leaving a massive mess of oatmeal in the bottom of your tub after.)

Also, calamine lotion is helpful (if you can find it where you live).

And try to keep your little one's fingernails very short. This will help prevent them from scratching too hard on the tender skin.