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I’m struggling to get back into the gym but really need to lose some of my baby weight. (I’m disabled and the extra weight impacts my abilities). Any fun ideas on how to lose weight with a baby?

P.s. my disability effects mobility so balance is an issue.

Do you have access to a swimming pool and does your disability allow for you to walk around in the water? I’m a physical therapist and I’ve had some great experiences with women exercising in the pool for cardio, weight loss, strength, and endurance improvements! Plus babies usually love the water and the sooner they’re exposed, the earlier they’ll learn to swim which is of course a very valuable life skill!

If you are able to do it, I have used one of the cloth wrap baby carriers in the water before too. Obviously depends on how deep the water is, but can be a helpful option so you’re hands free and able to hold onto the side of the pool while walking.

If the pool doesn’t work out, there’s also some great 'chair yoga' videos (free) on YouTube. You can modify some of them if you’re able to either wear baby in the carrier or use baby as a 'free weight' during the arm exercises.

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Hi! I have hyper mobility so I struggle with my extra weight too, plus the pain then if I’ve over-exercised. I have been going to swimming! And then taking baby for swimming lessons too. We also walk lots.

I started with basic stretching. Took me a while as I had an emergency C-section and the epidural killed my back. But it’s getting much better now. My little one is so confident in water too at seven months!