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I've been on my own my whole pregnancy. My friends and family are not in sight, my partner leaves me for hours on end every single day and I just can’t deal with it anymore.

I’m so scared that he is going to miss the birth because he’s busy doing everything else. He’s not taken into consideration that I’m nine months pregnant and that our son could literally come at any moment. He should be helping me, not relying on me to drop him everywhere and so forth.

We should be at home together getting ready for the biggest change of our lives yet I think it’s only me who’s preparing for it.

Anyone else feel like this or have any advice?

I am so sorry to hear you are feeling like this. I hear you and I totally understand your anxieties. I very much felt like this too. I was always worried my partner would be off somewhere else, at work or out in the water surfing.

Have you spoken to your partner about how you are feeling? It is so important to talk through your feelings. You might find he is anxious too and trying to get a lot of things done so he feels ready and prepared when baby arrives. I realised this with my partner when I opened up to him. He said he was trying to get all his jobs completed before baby arrived so he wouldn’t have to worry about work and was able to look after us.

Maybe try and have a chat to him. Open up, and you may find he is trying to get ready in another way, or he may not realise your anxieties. Come up with a plan together. Do you have family or friends around you too?

I hope this helps a little.

Pregnant mum of 3

My partner was also like this before my little one was born. Like it was his last blow out.

It took me to move out for him to (a) realise how much I do for him and (b) that he could actually lose me!

He has gotten better though since the little one came, and I think my dad had a word with him.