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Mum of 1

My little one is 11 months and I ended up in hospital recently for eight days. Since I've gotten out he's been dead clingy and refuses to sleep. If I put him down he wakes crying even though he used to be so settled and sleep all night.

Firstly, I am so sorry to hear you have been in hospital and away from your little one. That must of been so hard for you.

It may take your little boy a little bit of time to adjust. He will settle again, he may just need a bit of time and lots of comfort. He may have a little bit of separation anxiety. This is very normal and just shows that you and your baby have developed a very close bond. I know it is really hard now, it will get better. What is his bedtime routine like?

I hope you are feeling better now you are home!

Pregnant mum of 3