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I have a two week old baby and am wondering about routine?

Hi! Congratulations on your little one!

So. I would say there is no right or wrong time to start a routine - everyone will do so at different times. Some may have more flexible routines than others. We all find a rhythm that works for our family and our baby.

The babies first three months is known as the fourth trimester. This is a special time for you and baby to get to know each other. We can help babies transition into their new world with lots of skin-to-skin, cuddling and learning about their new world together, some like swaddling/baby wearing as it makes babies feel like they are tucked up in the womb. This is a time where you don’t need to rush back to any kind of normality or put any pressure on yourself. Take your time time, be kind to yourself and do what works for you. You are recovering too.

Your little ones feeding will help determine your routine at this stage too. I hope this helps a little!

Pregnant mum of 3