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Breastfeeding mamas! How do you cope with teething baby biting?! I’m in agony

Hi, I really feel your pain. My little one has just started biting me too. Nipple trauma is absolute agony.

So, you can use Jelonet. Honestly, it is magical stuff! 🌟 They are little dressings… you can cut them into little strips. You just need to keep your nipple really moist. Think of how you would treat chapped lips - keep putting lanolin on and Jelonet.

Hope this helps!

Pregnant mum of 3
Mum of 1

The best advice I ever got: when baby bites, you try not to have a big reaction (even though it hurts like heck haha). Break the latch, set baby down, and walk away like feeding time is done. Baby will learn really fast that biting = no more milk, and babies usually are very motivated ny their booby milk! I only had to do this once with my son and he immediately learned... though there was a time recently that he was just fussy and acting up, bit me hard, and I just broke the latch told him no and put him to bed. He hasn’t biten me again since!