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My five month old will be due to start weaning soon. He’s exclusively breastfed and he feeds all the time - he’s never off the boob. Do you think I should wean him sooner than waiting a few weeks?

Advice is normally to wait until six months, however lots of people do start early. I do know people who have started early and their babies have loved it. I am sure a couple of weeks early will be ok! You could talk to your health visitor too and see what she thinks.

A few things to think about to see if your little one is ready before you start…

1. They can hold their head up and hold it steady.

2. They can sit up on their own.

3. They have hand-eye coordination.

4. They have less of a tongue thrust reflex - you can test this by putting your finger on their bottom lip. If they push their tongue out significantly, then they still have the reflex. As they get older, around six months, this reflex will lessen. If a baby is not ready they will just push all their food out and not swallow.

You could message Katie, the Tinto nutritionist and see what she recommends too. Good luck!

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