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How have you found the best way to deal with tantrums from your toddler?

The thing that has worked for me has been counting from one to 10 to calm down, and time out to show that I’m serious.

I also explain after why the behaviour was not okay by sitting and talking to them.

I also look out for the triggers of the tantrum.

Pregnant mum of 3

Try and find the cause of the tantrum, i.e. is she tired/hungry/seeking attention/frustrated?

Then I would start with acknowledging her upset. It helps them calm when they feel heard and understood.

Label their emotions. So you could say 'I see you are angry because you would like my glass. This is mummy’s glass, but let’s get you some water.' She may continue to tantrum. If she continues to want your glass, you could get a tiny cup for her to use herself.

You can also try and distract her, e.g. by going to do something else like filling up her water bottle together.

If it's a tantrum over not getting what she wants, try and stand your ground calmly. Meet the tantrum with understanding but stay firm, don’t give in.

Offer comfort and hugs: 'I can see you are sad. I am here for a hug when you are ready.'

You can read books about feelings to help them to understand their feelings and emotions.