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I had a very traumatic birth 10 months ago. I went into spontaneous labour at 28 weeks pregnant and my baby was born breech 19 minutes after I arrived at hospital.

I’m constantly battling in my mind, thinking what would have happened if I hadn’t got there in time and also thinking what did I do wrong to make this happen. I feel like a failure for admitting I’m struggling with my mental health as she is doing really well now and I know not all premature babies are as lucky.

You’ve been through so much. I’m impressed with your strength to share how you’ve been struggling. Having a traumatic birth of a premature baby is terrifying. I’m glad things have turned out well for your daughter but that doesn’t mean you should feel well too.

Processing what happened to you and why your body didn’t do what you thought it would is important. You deserve to feel well.

Sometimes the absolute best thing to do is to talk to your GP or midwife about how you’ve been feeling, see what options they provide, and then talk things through with a therapist specialised in the perinatal period.

I am here for you if there is anything I can do or if you have any questions.

Jodi, Tinto Expert